Shop Mobile More Submit  Join Login get things moving here at the club...we're going to get started on a club project.

Following the success of the Ask Bugs Bunny Project over at :iconbugsbunnyclub:, we're gonna have a Lola version of it too.

So...first off...

Ask some questions that you would ask Lola Bunny herself if you had the chance.

After we have a good list, take your picks of the questions posted by your fellow club members and answer them as you think Lola would herself.

Ask away!

(questions can be posted here or sent as a note)


1. What did you think of your role in Space Jam?

2. Why haven't you killed (or fired) your agent for not getting you some more exposure?! Are you just camera shy these days?

3. Does it annoy you that, despite your popularity, you only got to star in one film and in comics books and no animated shorts?

4. How do you feel about Bugs?

5. What are your thoughts on Buster and Babs?

6. Is that your natural hair color?

7. How do you feel about "Movie" you vs. "Merchandise" you?

8. Bugs and the remote control. Discuss.

9. Why do you hate the word 'doll'?

10. What's your favorite costume?

11. Are you really a tv-anchor rabbit?

12. What was your first date like?

13. How do you get your ears in a pony-tail? Do they hurt being tied up?

14. When you first met Bugs, what did you think of him?

15. Do you hang out with the other female Looney Tunes?

16. What do you think of the sudden fandom's obsession with your butt?

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